Naples, Sarri and the future: Chelsea accelerates

The British media are going strong, on the possibility that Maurizio Sarri will become the new coach of Chelsea for the next years. This is no longer an indiscretion, therefore, but a negotiation that is taking shape and that could be defined as soon as possible. Having said that the era Conte is in the finishing line, Roman Abramovich would have identified in the Naples coach the man to whom to entrust the new cycle that will start from next season. A project that in addition to providing for the achievement of some important goal, should also include greater quality in the game. With Antonio Conte won a Premier League last year, but has never been enchanted by the attitude of the team: he also wants the show and was entranced by the work done by Sarri in the three years of Naples.

The Neapolitan technician Alessandro Pellegrini, who has already met some emissaries from Chelsea, is meeting with the English club to see if there are any conditions necessary for his client to move to England. In fact, the discourse linked to the rescission clause remains open: Aurelio De Laurentiis will not make any discount. And we're talking about 8 million, an important figure but not so much to scare the Chelsea magnate. Before any other decision Sarri will have to meet the president of Naples and, perhaps, inform him of this English contact. In addition, it seems that the coach has alerted some of his staff on the need to learn English quickly, a language he knows well for his previous banking activity. If everything is confirmed, then there will not even be a need to tackle the subject related to the revision of the contract, especially the economic side: the coach has asked 4 million per season, De Laurentiis is still at 3.5 including bonuses. But this is not the real obstacle.Get your soccer betting picks and bet on your favourite team.

It is on this aspect that the two have divergent ideas. Sarri wants targeted purchases, which guarantee him and the team greater competitiveness both in Italy and in Europe. De Laurentiis, on the other hand, wants to insist on young people, invest in them and then regain future sales. Sarri should strive to make the most of the workforce, to give more opportunities to those who usually sit on the bench on Sunday. What the coach did little or nothing in these years of Naples. All speeches that will be addressed, in any case, only when the championship has issued its verdict. Having said that the ranking leaves little hope for the Scudetto to Napoli, the president has decided not to disturb the work of the technician. Until the arithmetic will not close the account-ranking, there is a willingness to try: Sarri has requested 9 points in the last 3 races.

The toto succession has been open for some weeks. The sensation that Sarri leaves at the end of the season is strong in the city. In practice, the coach will have until May 31 to exercise the right of withdrawal provided for by the clause. The other hypothesis, very remote, is that both De Laurentiis to dismiss him and, then, in this case he will have to pay his trainer a penalty of 500 thousand euros. The most common name is that of Marco Giampaolo, a Sampdoria technician, who has been linked to the Dorian club for another year. But in the same agreement it is expected that if the coach were to get offers from more prestigious clubs, the company would free him. The character Giampaolo likes a lot to De Laurentiis and he also likes his football, very similar to that of Sarri. There was also talk of Unai Emery, who ended with the PSG, Paulo Fonseca, Shakthar technician, and Rudi Garcia, busy tonight in the semi-finals of Europa League with Marseille.